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Health is Wealth: Know and Follow the Health Guidelines

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Health directly affects people not just physically, but also emotionally, intellectually, and even spiritually. Health determines not only how long people live, but how well they live.


Sadly, good health is easier to maintain than to regain, and maintaining good health is not effortless. Deciding to exercise and eat right is less of a struggle for people who feel they have some purpose worth living for, and who do work they enjoy. In other words, people who enjoy meaningful work that utilizes an area of their personal strengths enjoy a sense of fulfillment in their lives. Additionally, people need to find and maintain their own pace. Working at the wrong pace leads to burnout or boredom. Most importantly, people need to feel they are worth taking care of. Working with a mental health specialist to improve self-image can also yield a positive impact on physical health.

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The daily disciplines for good health are:

* Eat right. Use moderation, forget crash diets, and focus just on eating well today.
* Exercise. Consult a doctor for an appropriate frequency and duration of exercise, and be consistent. Remember that visible results show up slowly and be patient.
* Manage stress. Everyone feels pressure. To keep it from becoming actual stress, address problems with people quickly and do not allow issues to accumulate.

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