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Five Mental Hindrances That Impede Success

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Five mental hindrances that impede success, that cause suffering, and get in the way of a leader’s ability to experience his or her full potential and personal fulfillment. Everyone experiences them in some form during their lifetime. They become problematic only if one allows them to manifest in a dysfunctional way in his or her professional or personal life. Because companies reflect the behavioral patterns of their leaders, individuals, companies, and organizations can all be impeded by these hindrances.

* Attachment is a fixation or unrelenting drive to succeed, to acquire, to compete, or to control. It is an inability to let go or see other alternatives.

* Aversion is a fear of losing possessions, market standing, financial resources, social position, or even an argument, leading to poor decisions.

* Ignorance, confusion, and delusion cause people to avoid seeing reality for what it is. Ignorance is a result of unfounded beliefs or views, causing a lack of clarity. Confusion occurs when someone is unaware of something. Delusion results when someone rejects reality based on particular biases.

* Envy and jealousy have their basis in a person’s deep insecurity and desire for what others have. They make people think that they are incomplete and that satisfaction and fulfillment lie outside of themselves.

* Pride appears in two forms: people with superior pride think, “I am better than you” and need to win all the time to feel worthy; people with inferior pride think, “You are better than me,” tending to be copycats and follow trends, afraid they will be left out.

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