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So What is Your Hero Story?

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No one is free from challenges. Work and life events sometimes leave even the strongest individuals feeling powerless. There are some people, however, who seem to be at their best during the toughest times. No matter what happens, no matter the stress or challenge, they quickly recover and are positive, energized, and take productive action. These people qualify as everyday heroes.

Everyday heroes do not let life’s challenges bring them down. Instead they find a way to overcome their obstacles. They may not always succeed, but everyday heroes consistently act on the belief that they can do something to improve their situations and those of the people around them.

The way people think, the stories they tell themselves, determines happiness and success. These stories can make life positive, hopeful, and empowering or bitter, miserable, and hopeless. It is possible to choose how to respond to everyday events that might disappoint or frustrate and to react in a way that casts off the victim mentality, enabling people to act like heroes.

Telling hero stories does more than change state of mind. These stories lead to actions that produce:

* Career success
* Improved relationships
* More effective conflict resolution
* Better adaptability to change
* Stronger leadership
* Reduced stress
* Greater happiness

There are three types of hero stories:

1. People Stories: Heroes feel others’ pain and try to understand their actions. Victims focus on their own pain and blame the people around them.

2. Situation Stories: Heroes see the best in their lives and appreciate what they have. Victims focus on what is wrong in their lives.

3. Self-Stories: Heroes believe they can influence their lives and choose to take action. Victims believe nothing can be done to improve their situation.

No one tells hero stories all the time. Everyone slips into the victim mentality occasionally. Part of being an everyday hero is acknowledging those lapses and shifting back to hero stories.

So what is your Hero Story?

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