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Leaders have a responsibility to develop Future Leaders

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Leaders have a responsibility to develop future leaders. Strategic leaders devoted to developing leadership in others need to recognize that leadership qualities and aptitude must be cultivated in leaders beyond those in positions of strategic leadership. Strategic leaders should coach operational and team leaders and encourage them to continue their own leadership training. Even further, all employees are leaders of themselves as well as informal leaders among their teammates.

Leaders who effectively develop other leaders must seize opportunities to demonstrate and explain leadership. Not in an academic way, but in the numerous practical opportunities that present themselves in the course of working together in an organization. Leaders who lead themselves well are examples to their organizations, and if others observe leaders seeking to hone their own skills, they will be inspired to do likewise.

Successful strategic leaders ensure that their organizations support leadership development. Organizations should offer leadership development training for anyone in a leadership position, including team, operational, and strategic leaders. A significant part of the selection process for management jobs should be leadership assessment in terms of the task, team, and leadership areas.

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