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Rust without Trust

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Rust without Trust is a new presentation by Dr. Ali Anani. In this presentation he implicitly uses rusted iron as a metaphor for businesses, including online businesses, that suffer from lack of trust. Rusted iron becomes useless and so businesses that do not capture the peoples’ trust.

Explicitly, Dr. Anani uses two other metaphors to highlight the importance of trust for today’s businesses. These are sugar cane syrup. This syrup develops different colors, different properties and different uses depending how long one keeps cane sugar boiling. Trust is the same and gets sweeter the longer we keep the clients’ trust in a business.

A second explicit metaphor is monomers that propagate to produce polymers with different structures and attributes. Dr. Anani shows that trust propagates in a similar fashion to polymers. This is bound to produce relations with different structures. Building social networks will propagate depending on the mutual trust among its members.

Dr. Anani explains the Trust Equation and the need to avoid using I and this will drain the trust of customers. He then goes on to discuss the influencing factors that govern the Trust Barometer. Here, the literature has a wide variety. Some citation show four factors; some fifteen trust factors and others up to sixteen factors. This reflects the complexity of trust.

Enjoy reading!

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ali anani
ali anani

Dear Abhishek, I only say million thanks and greatly appreciated post.

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