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Strategic Mapping as Inspired by Dentistry

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Dr. Ali Anani surprises us with a new presentation that carries the seed of a creative idea. His observant eye sees the correlation between the strategic thinking and teeth filling. Truly, they are distant field and seem ocean wide; but Dr. Anani convincingly draws great strategic lessons from this metaphor.

The first interesting analogy the presentation draws is that frequency of taking sweets is a major cause for teeth decay. Avoidance of frequent intake of sweets is greatly advised. Here the presentation brings an interesting point: the need to observe employees who bring frequently good news to the managers. This sweet news will only lead to the decay of organizations. Getting rid of these employees is a prerequisite to shaping up any successful strategy. Flossing and cleaning of teeth is required; so is flossing of organizations.

Strategy is to know where you stand to know where to go. The dentist cannot treat a dental plaque without knowing the reasons. Having determined these reasons a temporary filling is applied. Dr. Anani advocates the application of temporary solutions to learn from them before a permanent solution is applied.

Enjoy reading some insightful thinking.

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