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Learning to Design PowerPoints like a Badass

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Learning to Design PowerPoints like a Badass | PowerPoint is much maligned as a poor presentation tool. But when it comes to dull and boring slides, most of us can generally agree that the blame lies more with the presenter than with the tool. Too many presenters forget that variety is the spice of life.

Few things will put you to sleep faster than a PowerPoint presentation with an endless stream of monotonous, identical-looking slides full of nothing but tedious text in a barrage of bullet points. Snooozze… Although the fact is that the other commonly used presentation programs—Keynote, Presentations and the open-source Impress—can all be equally effective in sending you off for a pleasant catnap.

So then, what do you do to liven things up a bit and make sure your audience stays awake? You make your slides more interesting and memorable, of course. Here are some tips, tools and tricks to help make presentations stand out about the crowd. | Presentation by Gina Holder

I am a Social Media addict. Creative Social Strategist, Professional presentation & pitch designer. I believe that your presentations should inform and persuade, in a way that’s easy for the audience to absorb and retain your message. My articles will cover business presentation, best practices and best of Slideshare that help you achieve these goals, with an emphasis on design approach and visual communications.


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