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The title of the presentation carries the name of an old, yet precious movie. Wittingly, Dr. Ali Anani refers to the e-book that Dr. Rod King wrote recently on creative value disruption.

The book is a great addition to our understanding of disruptive innovation and how underdogs become top dogs. Steve Jobs is a shining example of failing person to become a shining example of success. Top Dogs did that by seeing the future and reversing back to the present Their realization that in times of rapid changes do not make the future an extension of the past they became missioners in visioning the future and extrapolating towards it from the present. This led them to radical and disruptive thinking patterns. Dr. Anani has not written a classical review of the book; instead he wrote inviting slides as a prelude to his review of the book. Masterfully, he referred to “Purposeful Change” and the need to understand the value of intended changes. He uses the metaphor of trees that change their color between seasons purposefully to adapt to the changing climates and the dropping of old leaves. Disruptive value innovation requires the dispensing of old products and services even this may be painful sometimes.

The presentation proceeds then to explain that disruptive value innovation requires new style of thinking. Rather than extrapolating the past to the future, the presentation advocates imagining the future and working backwards towards the present. The presentation gives a detailed example of newspapers and their extinction in few years. Nature abhors vacuum and what would replace newspapers and what opportunities emerge? Read the future and prepare for it now.

At this stage Dr. Anani presents the great approach of the methodology proposed by Dr. King to increase value by maximizing the delight over pain ratio. A stepwise approach is given to explain how to do this.

Interestingly, Dr. Anani highlights a very interesting point on maximizing the delight over pain ratio and its boundaries. He gives the example of a lady walking with high heels. The pain of difficult walking is offset by the delight of the lady feeling modern and attracting. For her the delight over pain is acceptable. But then Dr. Anani shows the limits by imagining the high heel shoe being filled with broken glass. Here, the pain multiplies and the benefit becomes minimal.

A lovely concept that Dr. Anani adds here is using the Delight-Pain jar, in emulation of the time jar. Like we fill the time jar with most important tasks first, the suggestion here is to fill the big benefits first (the big stones) and to fill in the remaining voids with the grains of pain. A wide, but is a vivid metaphor. Dr. Rod King is an authority on Disruptive Value Innovation.

You may reach Dr. King’s e-Book on ‘UNDERDOG TO TOP DOG: How Leaders Like Steve Jobs and Apple Create Disruptive Business Models

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