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I Know What You Did On The Web

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The sites you frequent on a daily basis are actively gathering facts about you. That’s why jacket jou’ve been coyly eyeing inconspicuously appeared in an ad on a unrelated website. Social networks are betting on a future built on a personalized web, your own Internet paradise filled with items the virtual you will likely share, pin, tweet or ‘like’.

We take a look at what information your favorite sites gather and what they do with it.

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Emily Wilson is the associate editor of marketing and media for Appitive, where she covers digital marketing news, the fashion industry and the evolving media landscape. Emily joined the Appitive family in July 2011. She calls herself as a Passionate Social Media Diva, is an Int'l Social Media Speaker & Trainer. Emily is a graduate of Ambrose University College, where she received her B.A. in English with Honors.


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