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What’s Up Facebook Friends?

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The Pew Research Center has given us a detailed look at how we behave online and what we look like as Facebook ‘friends.’ Did you know the average number of Facebook friends is 229? With 229 Facebook friends per user, it would only take 2 degrees of separation for the average Facebook user to reach 156,569 other Facebook users. There are also some interesting differences between both genders and age groups. For instance, women average 21 status updates per month, while men only average 6. As the use of social networks continues to grow, it’s interesting to look at how we behave when we use them, and how that behavior differs by group.

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Chetana Naidu
Chetana Naidu

"Women average 21 status updates per month, while men only average 6". That's really interesting, I always though the other way around. By the is amazing! Just love it.

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