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Social Media is Care and Share

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Dr. Ali Anani is affectionate with metaphors. In his new presentation “Social Media is Care and Share” he draws an analogy between visitors to your physical home and visitors to your virtual home. He draws from the long experiences we have in dealing with physical guests and extends them masterfully to virtual guests to your website. The similarity is astonishing.

  • If you invite a guest to your house and the guest finds out you intend to rob him or force him to buy, would he return?
  • If the guests feel stranger at your home and alienated would he come back?
  • If he does not find his way in the house to what he needs would he stay or come back?
  • If the guests finds only dry faces peering at him or skeptical looks again, would he stay or come back?

Think of the virtual guest along the same lines. This why Dr. Anani emphasized the consequence of the three phases of dealing on the web with customers:

Attract, connect and only then conclude dealings with the customers. These facts are shown in explanatory graphs that make the understanding of the presentation even easier.

A point that warrants highlighting is that the sentiments of your guests must not be assumed; they must be measured. When sentiments are right we may proceed from one phase to the next.

Truly, simple metaphor; it is this simplicity that make the readability of the presentation worthy of your time. Must say Social Media is Care and Share is ROCKING.

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