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Siri as threat to Google; NO WAY

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Siri is making news again. Well this time it’s Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt who told the U.S. Senate antitrust committee that the iPhone 4S’s voice assistant, Siri, poses a “competitive threat” to his company’s business. He said “Apple’s Siri is a significant development — a voice-activated means of accessing answers through iPhones that demonstrates the innovations in search.” (Apple Insider)

Siri – The Apple 4S iPhone’s Genie is Apple’s voice-activated assistant currently available on Apple’s iPhone 4S. For few Siri is seen as Apple’s entry strategy into the search business for others Siri would change the way search is done.

This news definitely got the attention for millions, though great news it was hard enough for me to digest it, hence I disagree and here are my reasons for the same. Nothing is going to kill Google anytime soon unless Google sits on its hand (which is hardly to be expected).

1. Not for masses: hence if you have an iPhone 4S you have access to Siri. I am certainly sure that Apple will not license Siri to other smartphone manufacturers which would mean it has to compromise on its market share. I don’t see it, not enough to be more than an annoyance and certainly not a killer.
2. Siri on Android: I understand that this is beyond my imagination but this is a food for thought!
3. Google searches and Siri functionality only overlap a bit at the moment. Siri is not a replacement for the type of searches that Google is known for, where the user needs to be presented with and choose from a dozen or more results. At the same time, Siri is very convenient in a mobile environment, where it narrows search results and generally improves smartphone functionality, such as voice dialing.
4. Android has proven that “good enough” sells. No, I don’t want to replace my iPhone with an Android device, but lots of people buy Android regardless. A Google competitor for Siri doesn’t have to be “as cute” or even “as good” as the Apple product, just effective.
5. Siri may be hard to sell across wide demographic groups. Apple has never been an “everyman” brand, if only because of price. I wonder whether people who aren’t in Apple’s yuppie and aspiring demographic will find Siri as charming as today’s iPhone customers. I also wonder how long such a charming assistant will last before it starts bothering users and gets dialed-back.

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Under Steve Jobs, Apple did an excellent job of factoring humanity into its mobile products. Google has a hard time dealing with flesh-and-blood users. If Apple does less well under Tim Cook and Google improves its people skills, Siri won’t hurt Google as much as if the status quo remains.

I don’t mean to minimize the impact Siri will have on mobile devices, remote controls, etc. But, we are very early in the game and saying that Siri is going to kill anything is way premature. Let’s revisit this in a year and see what the competitive landscape and Siri’s market share look like then.

I understand how much many in the Apple community want something bad — really bad — to happen to Google, but I don’t think it’s Siri, at least not yet.

At last i think you should check out this really interesting video.

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