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Welcome to the World of HTML5

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HTML5 is really set to change how technology based learning programmes are developed and delivered. Currently most programmes use Flash as the content vehicle. This is a big problem if you want a learning programme to operate on a mobile platform. Flash is not supported on many of the popular mobile platforms.

HTML5 is becoming a key component for Web and mobile developers as it helps them create applications that can be run on more platforms, hence, increasing the exposure of their software. However, the lack of standardization is driving many to stick to native programming languages until the Web specification is finalized in 2014.

Programmers and coders will have more control of the pages they are creating, and they won’t need so many plug-ins. With Apple refusing to use Flash on the iPhone, developers began scurrying about to figure out what else could be done. They have figured out a way to be able to embed the video with code rather than use a plug-in. While more work needs to be done on this feature to exceed the level of quality Flash brings, they are definitely on to something huge.

The main benefit everyone is talking about is the simplicity of HTML5. While XHTML was not adopted by a lot of larger web browsers, HTML5 has promise of streamlining coding language, media, and overall user experience.

Welcome to the World of HTML5; An infographic explaining the growing importance of HTML5 and why web developers should build and support it.

Welcome to the World of HTML5 | Brought to you by Infragistics

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