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Evolution of Android

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Android was first developed in 2003 by Android Inc. which consisted of Nick Sears, Chris White, Rich Miner and Andy Rubin, the last of whom is still in charge of the project today. The idea behind it, in Rubin’s own words, was to create “smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences”.

In 2005, obviously impressed by what was going on down the road in Palo Alto, California, Google stepped in to acquire the company, leaving Android Inc. a whole subsidiary within the Internet giant. It wasn’t long before people put two and two together and realised that Google’s arrival into the mobile phone space was soon to come. All the same, the world had to wait until 21 October 2008 for Android to arrive when it launched in the US in conjunction with T-Mobile and HTC on a device known as the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 which became the very first Android powered smartphone.

Android is what’s known as open source and, to a large degree, that means that its inner workings and machinations are free to for the public to access, view and even tinker with. Now that doesn’t mean that Android phones are the preserve of developers and heavy geeks, and it doesn’t mean that Android phones are complicated to use – far from it – it’s simply a facet of the project in general. So, if you felt like it, you could download yourself a copy of it, write your own bits and pieces in and try to put it on your old Atari ST or what have you. According to the licensing, you couldn’t then plaster your old 16-bit system with the Android and Google logos and trademarks or officially call it an Android device but it would be perfectly legal otherwise.

Android operating systems have made some serious progress of the years! Super cool and informative.

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