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Smart People use Smart Phones

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This infographic is all about the rise of smartphones and how it evolves in this generation. There are 1 Billion smartphone users in the world and in United States alone, there is an estimated 45% of adults using smartphones and 85% used cellular phones. Most individual aging 16-29 years old have a smartphone and desktop/laptop. The lowest percentage of smartphone users were from age group between 13-17 years old. 25-44 years old people are the most that use smartphones.

The operating system that consumer are using the most is the Android having a 68.1%. Operating systems like iOS have 16.9%, RIM has 4.8%, Symbian has 4.4% and the rest of the systems have a little percentage of use. Top manufacturers of smartphones and non-smartphones include Samsung, LG, Apple, Motorola and HTC. The highest point of change happens with Apple products in 3 month average ending July 2012 vs. 3 month average ending April 2012 but way back in 2006, RIM and Symbian has the highest usage.

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Smart People use Smart Phones

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