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The Future is here! Google Glasses are here to change the World

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Despite some early skepticism and online lampooning, Google have the opportunity to open a whole new software market with their first solo foray into hardware. Google Glasses technology could give software developers an extra dimension in which to innovate.

Google released a video on Wednesday that gives fans a glimpse of “how it feels” to wear the reality-augmenting headgear. The video uses trapeze artists, ballerinas, skydivers, and skiers to showcase the planned user interface and some new useful features that might just make the project more than just a novelty. The short video released by Google shows how “head-up display” (HUD)-style visuals could add to the functionality!

The hands-free device is activated when users say the catch phrase, “OK Glass.” Those words unlock a number of functions — everything from voice-activated Google image searches to video recording. Glass can transcribe your spoken words and send them out as text messages.

Want to see how Glass actually feels? It’s surprisingly simple. Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live.

Directions are right in front of you. Speak to send a message, or translate your voice. Get the notifications that matter most. Ask whatever’s on your mind and get answers without having to ask.

The Future is here! Google Glasses are here to change the World

All video footage captured through Glass.

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I'm sitting here smiling at the screen because this project is ridiculously exciting! Can't wait until it's on the market.

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